New World Makati Hotel begins the Lunar New Year with premium dining experiences at the property’s renowned Chinese restaurant, Jasmine – with options for set menus, all-you-can-eat dim sum, as well as an a la carte selection to savor at home. Signature handcrafted nian gao (tikoy) in koi fish and round shapes are also available, as well as a Chinese New Year all-you-can-eat menu featuring Western and regional fare at Café 1228 The God of Fortune mascot will likewise be seen roaming the lobby and restaurants distributing red packets or “ang pao” with exclusive discounts and offers for dine-in and walk-in guests. All menus from Jasmine and Café 1228 will be available from 12 to 14 February 2021.

Signature Handcrafted Nian Gao

Jasmine’s best-selling handcrafted nian gao, encased in an elegant round box with woodgrain detail and gold accents, is offered in koi fish and round shapes for PHP1,388 and PHP1,188, respectively. Bulk orders of 30 boxes or more get a 30% discount while Club Epicure members enjoy 15% off.

Jasmine Set Menus

Three auspicious set menus highlight Jasmine’s premium and authentic Chinese New Year dishes. Set Menu I-A starts off with Imperial Peking duck (half), followed by Hot and sour soup with shredded chicken and sea cucumber, Wok-fried beef tenderloin with Mandarin sauce, Fried garoupa fillet with chili, garlic and coconut sauce, Wok-fried duck with salt and pepper, Braised assorted wild mushrooms with mixed vegetables, Braised e-fu noodles and hiney-barbecued pork, and two sweet treats — Glutinous rice dumplings with milk chocolate filling and Chilled mango cream with almond bean curd.

Set Menu I-B highlights the Combination platter comprising shredded chicken ‘Sichuan’ style with honey-barbecued pork and crispy Japanese tofu, Assorted seafood with wintermelon and conpoy soup, Wok-fried diced beef tenderloin in XO sauce, Fried garoupa fillet ‘Singaporean’ style, Deep-fried spareribs with mayonnaise and vinegar sauce, Braised egg bean curd with abalone mushroom and premium oyster sauce, Fried rice with pork belly and preserved olive leaves, and ending with Glutinous rice dumplings with milk chocolate filling and Chilled mango cream with almond bean curd.

Set Menu II-A likewise starts off with another version of the Combination platter which includes suckling pig, honey-barbecued pork, soy chicken, jelly fish and century egg, and what follows are Steamed shrimp, Roasted pumpkin seafood soup, Wok-fried beef tenderloin with chicken and XO sauce, Steamed black garoupa with premium soy sauce, Deep-fried spareribs with salt and pepper, Garlic fried chicken, Fried rice and assorted meat in lotus leaf, as well as Glutinous rice dumplings with milk chocolate filling and Chilled mango cream with almond bean curd.

Set Menu II-B’s take on the Combination platter consists of roasted pork belly, soy chicken, marinated beef shank and jelly fish, and is followed by Imperial Peking duck (half), Japanese conpoy with abalone shell, seafood and bamboo pith soup, Wok-fried diced beef tenderloin with shrimp and XO sauce, Fried black garoupa ‘Singaporean’ style, Deep-fried pork spareribs with mango and mayonnaise, Braised abalone mushroom with assorted fungus and vegetables, Braised miuse ‘Fookien’ style, ending with Glutinous rice dumplings with milk chocolate filling and Chilled mango cream with
almond bean curd.

The Jasmine set menus I-A and B are priced at PHP10,888 nett while menus II-A and B are at PHP12,888 nett. All menus are ideal for groups of six.

Chef’s Recommendations to Savor at Home

For guests who prefer to dine at home, the Chef’s Recommendations menu offers a la carte selections such as the Salmon Yu Sheng salad for PHP1,988, Braised baby abalone with Chinese mushroom at PHP2,888, Wok-fried prawn with chili garlic and coconut sauce at PHP1,458, Scallop with broccoli and XO sauce for PHP1,340, Pan-fried garoupa filet with chili garlic and cocnut sauce at PHP1,118, Braised seafood with sea cucumber and sea moss for PHP1,128, Wok-fried prawn with celery also at PHP1,128, and much more. Dishes start at PHP668. All prices are net.

Lunar New Year Yum Cha

The restaurant’s best-selling dim sum will also be on offer with a special Lunar New Year menu that includes appetizers and barbecued items such as Crispy bean curd with spiced salt and Honey-roasted pork, baked or fried selections Wonton dumpling, Taro seafood dumplings, Chicken taro spring rolls, and Barbecue pork pastry puff, steamed dim sum consisting of ‘Har Gao’ shrimp and bamboo shoot dumplings, ‘Xiao long bao’ Shanghainese pork dumplings, ‘Siu Mai’ pork, shrimp and crab meat dumplings, main courses Deep-fried sole fillet with salted egg yolk, Wok-fried chicken ‘Kung Pao’ with cashew nuts, Sweet and sour pork and Braised bean curd with black mushroom. Optional add-ons are the Crispy pork belly and Soy chicken for an additional PHP240 nett each, as well as the Pan-fried beef tenderloin Chinese style and Sliced beef with vegetables and oyster sauce for PHP280 nett each. ‘Yeung chow’ style fried rice, Braised e-fu noodles with vegetables, and pork century congee complete the hearty meal.

Jasmine’s Chinese New Year yum cha offer goes for PHP1,888 nett per person.

Café 1228

An all-you-can-eat feast awaits diners at Café 1228, with delectable specialties available for Chinese New Year weekend such as Twice cooked pork belly with sweet potatoes, Braised leg of lamb in red wine, hot-off-the-grill shrimps, blue crabs, clams and mussels cooked with a variety of sauces, and Chinese items Steamed local seabass with onion and ginger sauce, Wok-fried beef with vegetables, Kung pao pork, Buddha’s delight, Pork and shrimp spring rolls, as well as steamed Pork spare ribs, Kitchay dumplings, and Pork buns.

Completing the wide array of selections are appetizers, salads, pasta, pizza, as well as local and regional dishes.

The promo rate is offered at 50% off PHP1,494 nett for Club Epicure members (sign up is FREE) and BDO credit cardholders. Regular rate is PHP2,988 nett. The offer includes free flowing chilled juices, soda or iced tea.

For more information or to place an order, please call Jasmine at New World Makati Hotel via +63 2 88116888 ext. 3679 or +639178884194. Stay updated and follow New World Makati Hotel on Viber (, Facebook (New World
Makati Hotel), Instagram (@newworldmakati) or visit

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