Start Your Own Cleaning Franchise During The Pandemic with Cleen and Green Cleansing Services

Our way of life may have truly changed, but industry wise, there are still so many opportunities post-pandemic. In fact, niche industries are expected to grow exponentially, like the contract cleaning services sector, which is seen to boom up to $330 billion by 2027.

Entrepreneurs can already operate their own Cleen and Green business within weeks. The multi-million-peso business, established in 2020, has become the leading and most trusted eco-friendly cleaning provider in the country, catering to customers in Lipa, Cavite, Laguna, and Quezon City. Cleen and Green’s services include deep house cleaning, car interior deep cleaning, facilities disinfection, post-construction intensive cleaning, and so much more!

Unlike other providers, Cleen and Green uses plant-based, non-toxic, non-chemical cleaning solutions, which are safe even for babies, pregnant, elderly and pets. With its range of gentle solutions that are antimicrobial, anti-parasitic, and anti-viral, Cleen and Green becomes the preferred choice, most especially of families and individuals who suffer from allergies and respiratory and skin health concerns.

For franchisees, ROI can be expected in just a few months as Cleen and Green offers a valuable and in-demand service. In addition, management lends end-to-end support – from training personnel to setting up inventory and other matters. Their goal is to help Filipino overseas workers to put up business here in the Philippines  that will help their families to work with them, to run the cleaning service instead of sending their monthly allowance just like the story of their existing partners overseas. 

Pam de Jesus, partner who’s based in San Jose, California, jumped at the chance to manage Cleen and Green in Cavite as this aligned with her business goals for the year. “For me, Cleen and Green was the perfect fit because my dream has always been to own my own business and to retire early in the Philippines.” Even though based abroad, Pam is able to keep a close eye on their operations with the help of Philippine partners. She’s also helping grow the business through effective online marketing. “I take care of inquiries via social media and even market the business to other kababayans here in the US.”

Another partner, Nova Sante from Sacramento, California, also saw the great potential of the Cleen and Green franchising program. “Before, I regularly sent money  to my sister in the Philippines to help support their families. But through this business, she’s now able to support herself and help me out, too. It’s empowering to provide jobs – not just only for family who work with us but also for all the employees who rely on us. That’s my goal – to provide more jobs and opportunities to Filipinos.”

Faye Daway and Lei Calastre sisters in Power, based in Quezon City, joined the Cleen and Green family as a franchisee  three (3) months  ago and now manages the Quezon

City operations. “Since they came from the pharmaceutical industry, their immediate network became their first clients. And now, proudly, they’ve become regular clients, too!” When Faye was considering a business, Cleen and Green was her first choice for several reasons: the business offered a service in great demand; it aligned with her own personal interests (Faye is a self-confessed “OC cleaner”); and it provided her the opportunity to augment her income while giving her the flexibility to continue on with her current business Marketing agency. While her sister, also her partner, manages the franchise business. Lei Calastre really likes the benefits of being the only eco-friendly cleaning service, and she is also a first time mom that cares so much about the welfare of kids. Lei mentioned a very quality effective plant based solution is a must when choosing a cleaning service. We don’t want to compromise the welfare of our families as well as our environment. These two sisters are very hands-on, that they also joined their cleaning team to make it appoint, that they are delivering quality and efficient services.

Through the stories of these three franchisees, Cleen and Green hopes to inspire more Filipinos to kick start their own entrepreneurial journeys: “There’s no better time than now to start a contract cleaning business like ours. It’s pandemic-proof; we offer valuable, premium service that’s in high demand; and it’s a business you can easily manage anywhere in the world. Take that leap of faith towards financial independence and find success, just like us.”

For more information on Cleen and Green’s franchising program, visit or call 09561428382.

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