P&G Philippines closes gender gap in workplace and senior management

Procter & Gamble (P&G) Philippines, maker of household brands like Safeguard, Ariel and Pampers, achieves equal representation and gender balance across its workforce and even in senior leadership positions.  Across its total workforce, their gender ratio is 53% female and 47% male. In senior management, it is 54% female and 46% male.

In earlier years, data showed more gender balance at junior levels, but noticeably less females in senior leadership levels. The company focused on understanding the reasons behind this and removing barriers preventing women from performing at their peak. These efforts helped closed the gap and provide a more balanced gender ratio.

“In P&G, we work to provide equal access and opportunity for all to succeed, to provide a safe and inclusive environment so everyone can be their authentic selves, and to enable all employees to perform at their peak,” says Raffy Fajardo, P&G Philippines General Manager.

In the past year, promotions to director positions were a solid balance of 49% males and 51% females. In the last 18 months, all promotions to senior director positions were female. P&G emphasizes that advancement has always been performance-based. The recent advancements of female leaders were not due to any bias to close the gap but truly a result of deliberate efforts to understand and remove barriers for them to vie and succeed at higher levels.

Gender-inclusive workplace

The company’s efforts include equitable, inclusive practices and industry-leading policies. They design for equitable practices in traditionally male-skewed units to provide equal opportunities. One example is enabling physical manufacturing work to be accessible for men and women via automation solutions that ensure both genders can perform tasks. Automating cargo lifting removes the task’s previous male-bias due to physical requirements. They provide accommodations needed by breastfeeding moms for their parenting and work duties. Before the pandemic, they provided drivers when needed by nursing moms in field sales so they can pump comfortably while on fieldwork. They also have well-appointed breastfeeding rooms in their offices and plant.

The company was also lauded for launching “Share the Care,” their industry-leading paid parental leave program. It offers ALL P&G parents, regardless of gender or civil status, a minimum of 8 weeks fully paid leave to care for their new children, whether adopted or biological. Moms continue to receive 105 days, while dads get 7 weeks more than the legislated standard of 7 days. This eliminates outdated stereotypes and gender biases related to childcare, and positively impacts not just the company and its employees, but families and society as a whole.

P&G’s global We See Equal program aspires to create a more equal and inclusive world inside and outside the company.  Going beyond its offices, P&G has committed $200 million in support of women-owned businesses in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region by 2025. Locally, they previously partnered with the Department of Trade and Industry to help over 1,000 sari-sari store owners through its Angat Kita program.

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