How to Know If You’re Ready for #Adulting

Becoming an adult does not come with an instruction guide or manual. Most of the time, you just have to wing it and follow the well-meaning advice of other happy, successful, and well-adjusted adults in your life. 

You may be thinking that you’re not yet ready for this big and scary chapter. But here are the signs that you are, and that you should be feeling mighty proud of yourself!  

1. You settle your bills with your own money 

When you were younger, your parents constantly reminded you to switch off appliances that are not in use. They also often told you to conserve water when washing the dishes, watering the garden, or taking a shower. 

Now, you understand why your parents did that. Because now, you’re paying your own utility bills, too. Aside from being able to afford it, you can do it quickly and conveniently online. 

For instance, you can keep track of your utility bills payment by enrolling these in RCBC Bankard Fast BillsPay auto-charge.  By doing so, you don’t have to individually track the due dates of your Meralco, PLDT, Manila Water, Smart, Globe bills, and more. You just have to monitor one due date, that of your RCBC Bankard.  What’s even smarter is that you earn Rewards Points or AIRMILES for your utility payment!

Do you have an RCBC deposit account? If you do, you can also pay your bills to over 400 billers through the RCBC online banking app. Simply key in your account details. You also have the option to enroll your billers and schedule your payments so that you don’t have to key in account details repeatedly and miss any due date. Simply enroll your biller directly through the app.

2. Going to home improvement or furniture stores excites you 

Since you started earning your own money and living on your own, you’ve also been very interested in decorating and home renovation projects. Aside from getting home inspos from different home decorating groups online, you binge watch home makeover shows and keep your Pinterest boards updated, too. Now that’s dedication! 

This is why you feel energized and excited when going to the furniture or home improvement store. You find it very therapeutic every time you buy something new for your home.  

3. If you want something, you buy it with money you earned

Find something that you like online? It fills you with pride to know that you can afford it. You don’t need to ask for money from your parents anymore. And you don’t need to stress about it so much, too. Because even if the price is a bit steep, you can save up for it or pay for it in installments with your credit card. 

For instance, you can avail of RCBC Bankard’s Unli Zero & UNLI Installment plans. You can just convert your straight single-receipt purchases and pay for them in 0% installment for three months or up to 36 months with minimal add-on rate.  This card benefit is especially useful for your major purchases, like a new refrigerator, automatic washing machine, or inverter air conditioner. 

What’s even more amazing is you can conveniently convert your straight purchases to installment with a simple flick using your RCBC Online Banking app. There’s no minimum amount for conversion and there’s no maximum number of times that you can avail of this installment plan, too! 

4. You have budgeting and finance apps that you use all the time 

Now that you’re earning your own money and paying your own bills, you make sure that you have money to spend when you need it. In short, you take your finances more seriously now. 

To achieve your money goals, you have a whole arsenal of budgeting and personal finance apps on your phone. There are apps to remind you of your bills’ due dates, to keep track of your savings, to educate you with personal finance topics, and even to bank and invest online. 

This is where your RCBC Online Banking app comes in handy. You can place, manage and even redeem your investments through the app without going to the branch! That is really a very adult and financially responsible thing, so kudos to you!   

5. You prioritize your health and financial security 

Adulting can get pretty overwhelming. More so when you need to do it in the middle of a pandemic. Aside from worrying about your job and your finances, now there’s an added pressure to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the virus. 

Do away with stress by making things simple. With RCBC OneAccount, you get to simplify managing your account. It offers all the features of a savings, checking, and time deposit in a single account. It allows you to customize your account according to your needs, and get access to more features like free insurance, all while enjoying high interest rates. OneAccount makes it simple to manage and grow your finances at the same time.

You also need to deal with feelings of isolation, missing special moments with loved ones, and wishing that life can just go back to normal. 

So to protect yourself, you make sure you have health insurance coverage. It protects not only yourself but also your family from the financial burden of getting sick or hospitalized.  

If you’re planning to get additional health coverage, new customers get a 10% discount at Maria Health. Purchase your COVID-19 coverage or your emergency care, hospitalization, consultation, or outpatient care package using the promo code RCBCMH10 (valid for one-time use only) and your RCBC Bankard credit card. This promo will be available until June 15, 2022. 

6. You invest in your future 

Whether it’s an investment to help you build your wealth or to purchase your first car or condo unit, you’re investing in your future and slowly realizing your dreams. 

You’re utilizing financial resources available to you, like housing loans and auto loans, to make your dreams happen. RCBC can help you make your dreams of becoming a home or car owner.

Adulting can be challenging, but it can also be extremely rewarding. Especially if you overcome challenges on your own and achieve goals through hard work. So don’t be so hard on yourself. Just embrace the journey and value each lesson learned. You’re doing a great job! 

If you’ve got the financial goal, RCBC has the financial solution. Learn more about what RCBC can do for you― visit today!  

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