Mark Your Calendars, It’s GCash’s Birthday! On October 17 to 23, GCash is Celebrating its Birthday with Bigger Rewards and Exciting Deals

Mark your calendars because GCash is once again celebrating its birthday, and it’s going to be a big one! From October 17 to 23, you’re invited to join in the #ReadySetGBirthday festivities as GCash Birthday returns with bigger rewards and exciting deals everyday. 

This year, the #GBirthday2022 celebration is going to be voucher-tastic, treating everyone to 5 days of thrilling vouchers worth over 240M to get the best out of every transaction!

The #GBirthday2022 celebration offers a variety of exciting vouchers that you can look forward to each day to make every transaction extra special. And don’t forget to stay on the lookout for exclusive freebies and limited time offers from top GCash partners that will only be made available during birthday week.

Here’s a sneak preview of all the exciting deals you can look forward to at this year’s GCash Birthday:

1. Citibank Credit Card – Discount for the whole month of October!

Apply for a Citi Credit Card and get 8% discount on an iPhone 14 purchase plus get Php 1,000 GCash eGC via giftaway, as long as you make your first spend within 60 days.

2. Citibank Personal Loan Card – Freebies

Avail a Citi Personal Loan and get as much as Php 5,000 GCash eGC via giftaway.

3. Zalora – Voucher Discounts when you Pay Online via GCash

Zalora is giving away vouchers up to 2.5M worth! For a minimum spend of Php 2,000, enjoy 25% off when you pay online via GCash. 

4. Globe at Home Broadband – Load Voucher when you Buy Load via GCash

Get P15 Load Voucher when you buy GoEXTRA129 Load via GCash. Valid until January 31, 2023.

5. Globe at Home Broadband – Voucher Discounts when you Purchase a Globe Home Prepaid Wifi Device on GLife

Purchase a Home Prepaid Wifi device via GLife, get a voucher worth Php 150!

6. Globe Prepaid – Voucher Discount when you Buy Load on the GCash app

Buy Load Go+99 and receive P10 Buy Load voucher, daily cap of 10k vouchers.

7. TM – Voucher Discount when you Buy Load on the GCash app

Buy Load EZ90 Doble Freebie and receive P10 Buy Load voucher, daily cap of 15k vouchers.

8. Smart – Voucher Discount when you Buy Load on the GCash app

Get P10 or P15 Load Voucher when you load PowerAll 99 and 149!

9. Pancake House – Buy One, Take One Freebie when you Pay with GCash

Buy One, Get One on 2pcs. Classic Pancakes when you pay using GCash.

10. Bo’s Coffee – Buy One, Take One Freebie when you Scan to Pay with GCash

Buy 1 any Large Beverage from Espresso and Froccino Category and get (1) small drip coffee for Free when you pay via GCash QR code.

11. Zing – Get additional points when you Scan to Pay or Pay Online

  1. Get 100 Zing Points, minimum spend Php 1,000, one time. For succeeding transactions, get 10 Zing Points, minimum spend Php 1,000 when you Pay with GCash with Linked Zing Account to GCash in Ayala Malls.
  2. Get Ayala Mall GC worth 100 pesos, with a minimum spend of Php 1,000 when you check out with GCash on ZingMall.

GCash takes convenience to another level with its many uses that allow you to progress financially and reach your financial goals. You can use GCash to send money, buy load, pay bills, or shop within the app with GLife and you can be rewarded instantly! You can also tap the A+ Rewards mini app on GCash to discover daily deals, special offers, and exclusive freebies and rewards.

You can also find an array of financial services on the GCash app that provide you with pay later options while still earning you more rewards as you use them! GCredit is a credit line that provides qualified users with another payment source for your purchases that you can pay later.

GCash also has a lending feature that qualifies users for a loan with GLoans, with personal plans that you can use to pay bills or shop online, while GGives offers light and flexible instalment plans that can fit your budget and can be used for online payments, online purchases, and even offline via Pay QR.

Find more exciting offers from October 17 – 23 by visiting the GCash website. Download the GCash app today on the AppStore or Google Play Store.

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