Holiday gift suggestions for better health & wellness

It’s almost hard to believe how time flew by so quickly and that, despite all the challenges the past year has brought, the holidays and the spirit of giving are now officially upon us. And as the underlying message of the season in these times continues to be that of good health and wellbeing, it’s only proper that as one draws up their Christmas gift giving list for those near and dear, wellness and self-care continue to remain as primary considerations.

As many still prefer to stay in the safety of their homes and not head out for the holiday shopping rush, having a short list of handy gift-giving suggestions will be useful to save one from all the trouble of choosing that perfect something that friends and family will truly appreciate and enjoy.

A healthy food basket

With people mostly staying at home for the past two years, the demand for ordering food for delivery has continued to rise especially because of the imposed lockdowns. Unfortunately, as the 2020 Tetrapack Index notes, the quarantine has likewise served as a trigger for “all-day snacking and indulgence.”

Thus, a healthy food basket would certainly be most welcome, particularly to those who want to stay on track with their health and nutrition goals. This can contain either fresh fruits or such foodstuffs as cereals, trail mix, adlai grains in lieu of white rice, baked chips, bottled pasta sauces, raw honey, healthier oils like olive oil and the like. Companies like Amazing Graze offer many snack varieties and gift options to suit one’s loved ones in their journey to healthy snacking.

For better at-home fitness

With the continuing lockdowns, many gyms, though recently already allowed to resume their business, people have still remained hesitant to start working out. For the bigger majority, many still continue to find themselves leading sedentary lives as compared to pre-pandemic times.

Thankfully, however, there’s no reason why one cannot get themselves started with a home fitness routine. Among the perfect gift suggestions to kickstart things towards a better and healthier living include a subscription to online fitness classes, a yoga mat, skip rope, a water bottle, or even a fitness tracker, to give one the motivation they need to finally lose those unwanted pounds.

Making the switch

The holiday season is also the perfect time to make new life choices as we welcome the start of the new year. For the sake of loved ones who continue to smoke conventional cigarettes — which are proven to be detrimental to one’s health — but have been meaning to quit, e-cigarettes like those made by RELX have been proven by studies to be one of the most effective means of effectively kicking the bad habit. They come in a variety of device models and flavor pods, allowing cigarette smokers to steadily cut the habit over time. Also, if you’re considering switching to an e-cigarette, why not opt for a more premium version, the award-winning RELX Infinity which offers the smoothest vape experience, as attested by its users.

So, for the coming holiday season, finalize your Christmas gift-giving list, and go for the best items that can help others make better, healthier choices, and start 2022 on a definite good note.

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