Cough and Cold Expert Vicks Has Launched a Product to Help Stop A Cold In its Tracks When Used at First Signs

Coming down with a common cold is certainly unwelcomed so what do you do when you (or a loved one) catch the first signs—a.k.a that tickle at the back of the throat followed by a string of sneezes? 

#VDefended with #VicksFirstDefence!

Vicks recently launched a new product, Vicks First Defence nasal spray, with a microgel technology clinically proven to help stop cold in its tracks when used at first signs. 

Cough and Cold Expert Vicks Has Launched a Product to Help Stop A Cold In its Tracks When Used at First Signs

Celebrity couple Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid swear by this new product and shared how they keep themselves safe and healthy nowadays. “We take all the necessary vitamins, get enough rest, sleep, a little bit of exercise, and exposure to the sun.” But, even with these precautions, the power duo shared that they still get paranoid (or “praning”) about catching a cold, especially because of the rainy season. Watch their full video here.

Cough and Cold Expert Vicks Has Launched a Product to Help Stop A Cold In its Tracks When Used at First Signs

As Regine and Ogie shared, it’s okay to be extra cautious when it’s about health. “As singers, we automatically become worried when we feel the first signs of a cold. But now we have something we can rely on and help defend ourselves against common cold viruses. And, of course, it’s Vicks First Defence nasal spray. A new product from Vicks, a brand we trust as a family!”

With Vicks’ extensive heritage of more than 125 years, it has become the leading global brand on cough and cold treatments. Regine and Ogie even consider it as a staple in their own household in terms of providing care for the family whenever anyone is experiencing the symptoms of a cough and a cold. With Vicks First Defence now within reach too, they can also be more at ease as it helps stop a cold when used at first signs.

The couple also shared how they always keep one within reach so they can easily use it when they’re up against a cold. “It’s so small that you can bring it with you anywhere. It’s essential to Filipinos because season changes have been drastic nowadays,” shared Regine and Ogie. 

Simply spray 2-3 times per nostril up to 4 times a day and allow the microgel to help trap,  inactivate, and remove the common cold viruses. 

Cough and Cold Expert Vicks Has Launched a Product to Help Stop A Cold In its Tracks When Used at First Signs

So if you’re feeling stuffed up, don’t panic. You don’t have to resign to days with sneezing fits stuck on repeat. Vicks First Defence helps stop a cold when used at the first signs of symptoms.

To know more information about Vicks First Defence, visit Vicks’ official Facebook page and Vicks’ official website.

Get your Vicks First Defence in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide!

Or shop online: Southstar Drug / Rose Pharmacy 

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. 

Vicks First Defence is not a cure or treatment against COVID-19 and its symptoms.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

ASC Reference Code: P144P110521VS

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