A new thriller awaits as Greenwich pizzas unmask its delicious change: Dare to try!

There’s nothing like savoring your favorite pizza with your crew. If you dare to try something new, you’re in for a savory treat. Greenwich introduces a delicious change to its Overloaded pizzas: freshly baked crust, real mozzarella cheese, and premium toppings.

Yes, Greenwich is taking its pizzas to the next level! Starting with the crowd-favorite All-in Overload® flavor, Greenwich is introducing the Triple Delicious Change for the whole barkada—whether closest friends, family, partner, and anyone else you enjoy food with! To mark this thrilling upgrade, Greenwich gives us a glimpse into the deliciously crafted overloaded pizza it’s offering.

The Triple Delicious Change teaser challenges you to try one of Greenwich’s best-selling pizza flavors. The video starts with three thrill-seekers found in their barkada hideout, being surprised by something exciting. They all gather around a mysterious box and then gasp in disbelief upon seeing the mouthwatering treat they’ve discovered—Greenwich’s flavor-packed All-in Overload® pizza!

With Greenwich pizza’s Triple Delicious Change, old and new fans alike can expect an overall better pizza-eating experience. This refined and yummy change will surely make you fall in love with Greenwich pizzas, even more.

“As the number one pizza and pasta brand in the country, we at Greenwich are constantly looking for ways to elevate every pizza-lovers’ dining experience. We believe that everyone deserves the best-tasting and best-value pizza offerings,” Inna Gimenez, Marketing Director of Greenwich said. “With the new Triple Delicious Change, you can expect quality mozzarella cheese, flavorful premium toppings, and nothing but freshly baked crust. It’s definitely for people who dare to try the change.”

Treat yourself and your barkada to the Triple Delicious Change by visiting your favorite Greenwich pizzeria today. Greenwich is ready to take your orders via greenwichdelivery.com, hotline #5-55-55, or by sending a direct message to Greenwich Barkada’s Facebook Messenger.

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