Invest wisely, buy a Gruenheim vacuum cleaner

Your trusty ten-year-old vacuum cleaner has finally given up on you. Even if you have already been to several malls, you still cannot find the vacuum cleaner to suit your needs. Finally, you were invited to a reunion with your high school classmates, an event that you have been looking forward to. 

It was during this gathering that one of your high school friends talked about her latest investment, a Gruenheim vacuum cleaner. She talked about how her new vacuum cleaner has been a big help in keeping her surroundings clean, one sure way of keeping the COVID-19 virus at bay. 

This raised your interest. Your friend tells you that if you are indeed looking for a new vacuum cleaner, you don’t look any further. The first brand name that should come to your mind is Gruenheim. Gruenheim GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2014 and is based in Stuttgart, Germany and is a subsidiary of Luckner & Lahusen Group GmbH & Co. KG.

It is a young and fresh trademark of high-end ecological, innovative and premium home appliances. It stands for products that combine functional, timeless and puristic design with impressive technical innovations. Gruenheim products are sold worldwide exclusively by authorized Gruenheim wholesalers.

Its direct distributor in the Philippines is Gruenheim Philippines Inc. The line of high-end, ecological, innovative and premium home appliances includes Gruenheim Vacuum cleaning system which makes use of pure water filter technology; Gruenheim Steam cleaning system with innovative industrial technology; and Gruenheim Air Freshener, among others. 

Its best seller is the Gruenheim Vacuum Cleaner, which uses ecological pure water filter technology. This multi-purpose health cleaning machine serves as an air purifier, air disinfectant, air santizer, aromatizer and air medication all rolled into one. 

Invest wisely, buy a Gruenheim vacuum cleaner

It can also dry vacuum the floor, ceiling, wall, curtains or blinds and window screens. The vacuum cleaner can also be used to shampoo carpets, sofas, mattresses and even chairs. It has the capacity to remove 99.9 percent of harmful fine dust from the air. It is not only user friendly; it is also energy consumption friendly.

Invest wisely, buy a Gruenheim vacuum cleaner

What’s more is that the Gruenheim vacuum cleaner is used by cleaning services locally and globally. You may want to consider going into the cleaning business in the future with your partner Gruenheim vacuum cleaner. 

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the local distributor now so you can start enjoying the benefits of a vacuum cleaner that not only keeps your surroundings clean but keeps your family safe from sickness causing germs. 

For more details about Gruenheim Vacuum Cleaner and other products, call 0917 5984968 or email

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