Embracing safety in all aspects with Verified Solane

Through the years, liquefied petroleum gas or LPG has been the staple and most sustainable fuel source for cooking. And as they become native kitchen essentials, buying them also becomes more trivial. 

Now that most are staying in their homes, choosing the right kitchen fuel has never been more crucial in ensuring safety during this new era of indoor lifestyles. More importantly, as the industry is plagued with potential risks from substandard LPGs by illegal refillers, making smart LPG choices becomes more crucial in protecting lives and properties. 

Against the undying demand for fakes 

Following reports of unlawful trade of defective LPGs in various areas, Senator Grace Poe appealed to the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to intensify their efforts against unauthorized dealers and their persistent schemes.  

Likewise, in its recent series of bust operations, well-trusted LPG brand Solane is reiterating its commitment to protect consumer safety by highlighting the necessary lookouts to verify LPGs and calling for consumers to double their vigilance against fake cylinders. The company is also sending a strong message to unauthorized sellers on the brand’s pledge to help cut the supply and demand for dangerous, substandard LPGs. 

These concerted public and private initiatives aim to curb the thriving market of fake and copycat LPG tanks. However, despite the known hazards of gas leaks coming from these products, consumers continue to be apathetic to the risks in favor of momentary convenience or trading off their safety for a few of pesos saved.  

Verified Solane in the next normal 

As Filipinos strive to keep safe by spending most of their time indoors, worries about certain potential kitchen mishaps can be eased by Verified Solane.  

Verified Solane assures its consumers that each tank is thoroughly inspected from production and refill down to delivery, to ensure that there are zero leaks that may lead to fire incidents or poisoning.  

Unlike substandard cylinders, Verified Solane products pass the Philippine National Standard (PNS) in terms of (a) the requirements for materials, design, construction, testing and markings of steel cylinders, (b) the methods for the requalification of tanks allowed to be used in storage, handling, and transportation, as well as (c) the removal and corrective measures for purchased LPGs. 

Verified Solane also offers convenience especially now that more people are homebound. Tanks can easily be ordered online by sending a message in Solane’s Facebook page or through Solane’s hotline, 8887-5555 for Metro Manila, or mobile, 0918-887-5555, which is available nationwide. 

Verified Solane tanks are delivered to every doorstep only by the brand’s trusted riders. Upon delivery, Solane offers its Timbang Challenge or 7-point safety check for quality inspection and secured home installation.  

Beyond pandemic context, Verified Solane ensures that consumers get what they pay for in every cylinder. Each product is guaranteed to last given its right weight of tank and fuel content. As a versatile source of fuel, Verified Solane also maintains quality in various applications, whether for bulk meal preparations, indoor, or outdoor cooking. 

While exemplifying quality, safety, and sustainability, Verified Solane further sets the bar for a reliable kitchen fuel that stays in every Filipino home. Today and in the years to come, this crisis and the next, consumers can wear the badge of having a dependable kitchen staple like Verified Solane that ultimately protects their safety and satisfies their cooking needs.  

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