Condo Living 101: Safety and Security Tips to Keep In Mind

GMPC’s Tina Orcullo shares valuable tips on how to ensure safe condo living

Community safety and security are important considerations for any property buyer. SM Development Corporation (SMDC) knows this well and works with partner company Greenmist Property Management Corporation (GPMC)  to ensure that SMDC communities and its residents are safe and secure.

As the management of SMDC communities, GPMC looks after all aspects of operations and maintenance to keep the property in good shape and reduce the risk of untoward incidents. However, as SMDC properties are a community of residents, the residents have a role in their safety and security.  According to Tina Orcullo, head of GPMC, emergencies may still happen and precautionary measures must be taken. Ahead, she shares tips on how you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe:

Get to know your neighbors. Tina said, “the more people you know in your community, the easier for you to recognize strangers.”  Socializing with neighbors is a good practice. It could be difficult at first but befriending your neighbors presents countless benefits.

“Here at SMDC, we have events where we enable residents to mingle and get to know each other,” she added.

Neighbors who know each other will help each other in emergencies.

SMDC partners with government agencies and non-government organizations that can provide training and seminars for residents. Recently, SMDC and the Philippine Red Cross held an Emergency Response Training for Good Guys volunteers on basic life-saving skills.

SMDC and the Philippine Red Cross held an Emergency Response Training on basic life-saving skills for the volunteers.

Do regular inspections of your unit. As condo living is independent living, do your due diligence and inspect your condo. Though GMPC regularly checks common area systems, Tina recommended that residents regularly check for the good condition of their locks and alarms.

Know your emergency exits. Tina noted that residents should be know well the building’s evacuation plan and take time to check out the exits. “It pays to be prepared.  We encourage residents and tenants to know exit routes and how to move during emergencies.”

Be vigilant all the time. GMPC also noted that residents must always be vigilant. Being aware of their surroundings is one of the best ways to make sure your whole family is safe at all times.

“If you notice any suspicious people or activity in your building, call your property manager. Report strange things right away to the security,” Tina added. “We have a fully functioning CCTV network, but safety and security are shared responsibilities. They should let us know immediately if something is not going right.”

As the property manager, GMPC ensures the safety of thousands of SMDC residents and tenants. Each residential development has 24/7 security, a CCTV network with a centralized round-the-clock security system, and exclusive keycard access for residents.

GMPC works with local authorities to ensure the residents’ safety and well-being at all times. Its strong partnerships with the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, National Bureau of Investigation, and Department of Interior and Local Government make it easier for residents to report untoward incidents.

SMDC properties are built for reduced risk against disasters and hazards. The plan and engineering behind each property is grounded on thorough area studies, including flood, traffic, geo-resistivity, and soil properties, and built with pioneering technology, protective materials, and other practices to minimize environmental impact.

Health, wellness, and security are paramount at SMDC developments so SMDC works with different agencies to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.

“Our residents and communities are assured of their safety. Residents  can have greater peace of mind, knowing that their family is in good hands,” said Tina.

SMDC is committed to keeping its residents safe and secure at all times.

Through a commitment to providing safe and secure communities, SMDC provides real estate buyers the best value for their hard-earned money by creating the best possible living experiences now and in the future.

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